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MyDevice - Free File Manager


Original document is Japanese.*App features///// Quick Reference /////This application is a file manager that corresponds to the SD card and USB device.It has a function close to the typical "computer" or "Explorer" of the PC.It also has a simple Zip decompression and compression function, and the notepad function.The basic operation are tap, long tap, and scroll.Tap is double-click of the PC (Open the file or directory (folder)),The long tap menu will appear Right-click menu of the PC.Multiple selection is tap the check box in the center right edge of the screen.After that, it will run the process that you selected in Long tap (Except for open, change of name, Zip compression, property)
///// For more information about the function /////Menu details(Specific)
Desktop: open the desktop equivalent of the directory on the PC.In the main working directory, you can use here to copy the file,Cooperation with other apps (such as a spreadsheet application) also go relatively smoothly. When uninstall this app, This directory is delete by system.
Favorite: Added file or directory are displayed.Various operations, such as the name of the changes I can be done as it is.However, the remove from the favorite, it does not affect the original file.
Trash box: it has a function equivalent to the Recycle Bin on the PC. Deleted files are temporarily stored here. In Trash function, return to the original location, or you can be removed completely.When uninstall this app, This directory is delete by system.
Device: Will open a standard directory of your terminal.
SD: open the connected external SD card to your terminal.
USB device: it opens the connected USB device to your terminal. You can not use this menu, in a USB device non-compliant models.
Device Config: Open the Android standard"Settings" app.
Config: Will open the configuration screen of this app. Show hidden files, favorites, and the trash of reset, you can have write permission get to the SD or USB.
Exit: I quit the app. When you exit in this menu, this option is to release the memory immediately. Please try, etc. If the device is heavy with lack memory.
Note: SD card, and with respect to USB deviceAndroid 4.4, Support read-only.Android 4.2 and earlier, Can write and read.Android 5.0 or later, After get SD, or USB write permissions from the "Config" menu, Can write the file. If will you use a USB device, you will need an adapter.In addition, SD, and of USB device shortcut might not be support by your use terminal.We are correspondence as much as possible, but if unsupported device, Might be found directory in "Device" menu.
///// On the use caution /////Please do not use a task killer! There is likely to malfunction.
///// Supports screens /////A resolution of vertical 800px and horizontal 480px (hdpi) more display.
///// The application must have the following permissions /////*Network communicationsIt used to display the ad.*Hardware controls It use for vibration control.*Write and Read permissionIt use for storage writing and reading.*System ToolsSuppress temporarily the screen rotate in order to avoid that the operation becomes unstable.Or using in order to avoid having to stop at the timing when the CPU is not expected.
///// The ads /////This app is contained ads. It is Google AdMob banner ads.
///// EULA /////We are coding carefully as possible, but we will not be liable to You or any third party for any damages arising from the use of software.
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